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Romano Law Firm has extensive experience assisting victims of brain and spinal cord trauma and their families.Traumatic brain injury is any injury to the brain that results in damage to brain tissue and disrupted brain function.

Traumatic brain injury is any injury to the brain that results in damage to brain tissue and disrupted brain function.

The damage may occur at the time of the traumatic event or may develop later as a result of swelling and bleeding. Brain injuries occur in different areasof the brain with varying degrees of severity so victims may be affected in different ways. The disruption of brain function may affect personality, thinking, communication, or mobility.

The impairment may be temporary or permanent and victims are left with partial to total functional disability. The rate and extent of recovery from brain trauma can vary considerably, even between patients with similar injuries. We work with medical practitioners and other experts specializing in a number of fields related to brain trauma in order to ensure that our brained-injured clients receive multidisciplinary treatment tailored to each client’s unique needs so that they may, to the extent possible, return to their pre-accident lifestyle.

Spinal cord injuries often have a drastic impact on the victim’s level of function. They often cause tremendous pain, limitations in range of motion and mobility, as well as loss of sensation. Spinal cord trauma affects the transmissions of signals to and from the brain and nature and extent of associated symptoms depends on the part of the spine that is affected.

Trauma to the upper spinal cord known as the cervical region affects the neck and in some cases results in paralysis of limbs. Injury to the middle section of the cord known as the thoracic region may cause paralysis in the lower body. Finally, injury to the lower spine known as the lumbar region may result in loss of mobility and sensation in the lower body and loss of control of the legs and hips, urinary system and bowels.

We help victims of spinal cord and brain trauma maximize compensation so that they do not have to worry about funding for their medical and economic needs. We work alongside experts in order to ensure there is an effective rehabilitation plan and program that allow our clients to return, to the extent possible, to their pre-accident level of function. We focus on assisting them to receive the medical care necessary to facilitate improvement with cognition, functional independence, psychological issues and societal and vocational reintegration.

Romano Law Firm will fight tenaciously to ensure that the insurer complies with its obligations to act in good faith and provides fair and adequate compensation to provide for your medical care, economic and other needs.

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